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Paul and Gary Tutle formally began operations as Tutle & Tutle Trucking, Inc. during November 2002. They had been leased to Beall in Ft. Worth for several years prior to obtaining their own authority. They had been operating around 40 units prior to going on their own. Both Gary and Paul grew up in the bulk trucking business. Their father owned JBL Trucking Company in Cleburne, Texas, which operated around 45 units prior to selling out to Chemical Express in 1989. In mid-2001 Beall sold out and the Tutles stayed for about a year before deciding to go on their own. Within the first 12 months they had grown to around 90 units. They currently operate over 300 units with a mix of company and owner operator units, along with pneumatic sand, lime and cement trailers (dry bulk enclosed), as well as flat-bed and step deck trailers.


Pneumatic, sandbox, step deck, and flat bed trailers at your service.


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Hauling commodities from productive shales across the continental United States. “Tutle Holding, LLC and Affiliates is one such firm playing an important role in supporting our country’s critical energy objectives,” says Paul Tutle, president. “Headquartered in Cleburne, Texas with 10 locations in six states and growing, Tutle is a leading transport and logistics provider serving the oil and gas production sector.”